In a Fog

Well, blogging all November didn’t go so hot.  Actually, not much in the second half of November went so hot.  The election threw me for a loop.  The horrible things people are doing in the name of the president-elect continue to make me depressed.

I have a long history of depression and I’m not managing it too well right now.  I need to go exercise.  I need to stay off Facebook.  I need to do some yoga.  But, I haven’t.

Tomorrow if my favorite holiday of the year.  I’m going to be grateful and then I’m going to get to work.


My Favorite Holiday


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Growing up Halloween was my favorite holiday.  When I was young, I’d decorate my mom’s house and yard, get dressed up, go to haunted houses, and just generally enjoy the season.  As a college student I’d go out with friends while wearing risque costumes and party the night away.

As I’ve gotten older, though, Halloween has waned in my holiday popularity.  I love to dress up my son and see the photos on Facebook of my friends’ and family’s kids, but overall I don’t enjoy it like I once did.  I think a big reason for that is I no longer feel like I need to hide or change, which is really what Halloween is all about.  I’ve also realized that if I want to be someone different, I can do that now, I don’t need to wait for Halloween.

Now my favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  Celebrating being grateful and seeing family and friends is a much better place to be.