Inherent Worth and Dignity

I am in my second year of UU Wellspring, a spiritual enrichment program for Unitarian Universalists.  We are currently doing the “Deep Questions” curriculum which looks at the 7 UU principles and their meaning in our life.

The first principle is the belief in “the inherent worth and dignity of every person.”  We discussed a lot about how we see this belief in our life and our interactions with others.  It surprised me, however, in my research on this, that I didn’t find anything on the inherent worth and dignity of self.

My entire journey to health is, at its core, based in the belief that I have inherent worth.  This worth means that I need to treat myself well, just like I would others.  I think of how I talk to my friends and how that differs from how I talk to myself.  I need to love myself the same way.

This is something I am going to keep digging into, as I was asked to prepare a sermon on it by my pastor, which is really exciting.